First Friday at Arts at Mark’s Garage

First Friday April 2018
Invitation to Reception

Hawaii Watercolor Society’s Member’s Show opens on First Friday in Honolulu’s Chinatown District.
2018 HWS selection
My first apartment after finishing art college in the Bay Area was down here and the vibe is still the same–fragrant lei, food steam escaping as doors open or close to diners, colors, textures, sounds and smells all waft up on the tropical evening air for a festive feeling.

The annual members show was juried this year by Tom Hoffman, who is also conducting a demo on Sunday and a sold out workshop the following week.

I got a bit busy this spring with various projects and travel so I entered only one piece this year. The Stolen Branch is about the different tastes and textures found in our family history–one that is rich, layered and mysterious but also, hopefully filled with stories retold at family gatherings and to new members invited into the homes and hearts of an island family.