Dream of a lifetime: Kalalau Trail

The idea of hiking the Kalalau trail has been on my mind since I was a kid. Getting picked up by a zodiak when were done.

End of the trail on Day 5 when we came out to an empty parking lot and park. It had rained hard the night before and rained pretty much through the last four hours on the trail so I am completely soaked in the picture. The County of Kauʻai had closed the trail, the park and beach at this point due to danger of flash floods. The trail crosses many streams, and the vegetation is lush. The total hike from this entrance to the beach is 11 miles but we stopped at the halfway point and campsite on the way in and out making the trek in 2 days in, 1 day on the beach, and 2 days to walk out. Every ounce counted so I took my QOR half palette and ONE brush, NO pencil or pen and a 1L ziplock baggie with 5 3×5 inch cut sheets of Hahnemuelle 600# cold press paper and 3 precious squares of Viva cloth paper towels. Thank God for the ziplock as the last day was heavy rain so everything not sealed in a plastic bag was wet in my backpack.

watercolor sketches from the beach