Wahipana Landscapes

I want to share the experience of divine natural beauty and living aloha through my work.

I always travel with my watercolors, favorite brushes, and a sketchbook. Road trips with my husband through Scandanavia in beautiful Norway, Sweden, and Denmark or on the continent through villages in England, Spain, and Germany lets me absorb the landscape in digestible chunks.  Sketching helps me connect the visual and emotional peculiarities of each locale.  We have also travelled through East Asia and Southeast Asia and my brushes and travel box has been clutched in one hand while my passport and tickets are in the other.

Wahi pana is a Hawaiian term for a storied place. I connect to a landscape by hearing stories about the places I visit from locals or through the experiences I make by spending time there and absorbing the light, sounds and smells of the place. Watercolor is often the best medium for me to capture these impressions.