Island Treasures now carrying my work in Kailua


My watercolor landscape work can be found at Brilhante Framing and Gallery in Kailua, but now you can also find some of my other work at Island Treasures. They are carrying my handbuilt porcelain urchins–my decorator urchins that also have a unique voice and adornment. They are found throughout the Pacific, but they have a special place in my heart from my years of diving and a connection to Kane’ohe. In 2011, they were planted in the bay to help combat the invasive seaweed that appeared in our islands and threatens the native species and balance of the reef systems. It thrilled me to learn that my little friends even though they may not be fashionistas, are in fact heroes. It suits their character, I think.
Besides my urchins, I have my miniature encaustics based upon the hanafuda cards but with a Hawaiian twist. Instead of pampas grass with the full moon, it shines over the Ko’olau. Instead of the crane, there is an a’eo. I have fun making these paintings because I can play with the textures and add and substract layers and textures. Lastly, I have some of my smaller watercolor landscapes from 2.5×3.5 inches up to 12x16inches–yes, suitcase sized.
I would like to offer small tasty tidbits of art that can delight and brighten up a spot in the home. Brighten because, knowing you have an original handmade piece of art or finely executed crafts holds an energy of its own. It is like a light in the home and is reassuring by glancing at it on the way in or out of your home and periodically, stopping to gaze carefully and discover or rediscover some detail of it that delights.
Like my urchins, I want these pieces to be held in the hand and turned over like a juicy peach before you bite into it.