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About me

Born and raised in Windward O’ahu Hawai’i,
Nature is as a book of constant revelation
where I encounter beauty and excellence and respond by making pictures.


Wow! Beautiful! Amazing.

We had to postpone our Hawaiian wedding and send out postcards to friends and family. Dawn’s watercolor was so amazing and full of warmth and joy to keep everyone in good spirits even with the bad news! -Eden V. Philadelphia PA

“Dawn is a patient, kind, and so knowledgeable teacher. My husband and I loved my painting!”
Goteborg, Sweden

I look forward to creating something for you to treasure.

I create my Color Bridge designs under prayer for you which you use to paint a calligraphic abstract that will be a constant reminder of the divine at your side, ready to intervene at your reception of the God of Creation.

Discover My Story

I am a 4th generation Japanese American who grew up cherishing the traditional values and culture of the land and country of my birth. This has meant at times confusing values and identity with Japanese, Hawaiian, American and Western values but through my artistic practice has led me to my identity and affinity for finding God’s presence and quaities in Nature as a book of revelation.

Together with observation and experience, it has deepened my prayer life which has in turn informed and guided my art making and social practice of service and gratitude. I revel in painting on site and also creating my Color Bridge and other studio series that connects me to my artistic ancestry and heritage from the first prehistoric, followed by biblical and to modern day artists and makers.

My path

I cooperate with people from all over the world

Working on collaborative projects is an important part of my mission to raise awareness and appreciation for our culture and history and to care for our ‘aina, our home.