Summer in Scandanavia

moving in 2018
A blank canvas–settling in

Arrived to a week of cold grey weather and then, as soon as May began, it seems spring was over. Everything seemed to bloom at once..the vitsipporna carpeting the forests, the birch trees, the azalea and the rhododendrons. And with it came the heat—the longest hottest on record in over 100 years. But after such a long journey and multiple deliveries it was nice to return and set up the new flat and studio.

For those of you in Oahu, my work can be seen at Straub’s main clinic for the summer. I also have work at the following galleries if you miss me:

  • Nohea Gallery, Hyatt Beach and Resort, Waikiki. original landscape miniatures and urchins
  • Brilhante Gallery, Kailua. original landscapes in watercolor.
  • Island Treasures, Kaillua. Original landscapes in watercolor, encaustic Hanafuda series and original minis

I will be working on updating my website and blog to conform to the new rules to respect visitors to my site and mailing lists in the future and hope to be done soon–my summer project!

I will be offering a longer watercolor class this summer in Sweden for the first time, as well as my Color Bridges workshop. I really want to see Color Bridges spread because everyone who has tried it always has so much fun and say the time flies by! I would like to share this joy with as many as possible in this busy busy world.