How Will It Look?

5 Easy Tricks to Home Styling

People often fall in love with a painting at a show but then wonder? How will it look at home? I took some tips from professional stylist Martina Mattsson in Gothenberg Sweden and created several looks in different rooms to give you ideas about how you can display your art. Photos by Jonas Berg.

1. Create groupings on a wall. Let your personality shine to create a unique home.

2. Make large and small groupings according to a theme or a particular color. It can help create passages or cozy corners.

3. Use one piece as an ‘anchor’ but the group doesn’t have to be symmetrical.

4. Hang the paintings lower than you might normally think. In a gallery they are often higher so you are viewing at standing level. In sitting areas, it is more comfortable to have them at sitting height. This also gives the illusion of higher ceilings and space.

5. Mix and match your masterpieces with vacation art, posters with originals. It’s yours and you like it, so why not show them off?

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