Christmas Season 2020


What a year! It has been a roller coaster of emotions, and flexing the flexibility string in our character and moxy. I am thankful and blessed to have reunited with my love and partner, Anders. I am thankful and blessed that my bubble – my family unit has also not tested positive for COVD19 and await the vaccine. I’m just listing options in case you want to support me or other local artists during this time by purchasing experiences orRead More

How To Prepare for an Art Competition

April 7, 2018

Ever tried to enter or thought about entering one of your beautiful artworks into a competition but found the prospectus instructions confusing or difficult to follow? Come to this lecture workshop to learn how to prepare digital files suitable for sending in for judging. We will also touch upon framing and presentation of artwork dos and don’ts. This event will be led by Dawn Yoshimura, IPAP sponsored by AHA (Association of Hawaii Artists) at the Gallery on the Pali atRead More