Christmas Season 2020

What a year! It has been a roller coaster of emotions, and flexing the flexibility string in our character and moxy. I am thankful and blessed to have reunited with my love and partner, Anders. I am thankful and blessed that my bubble – my family unit has also not tested positive for COVD19 and await the vaccine.

I’m just listing options in case you want to support me or other local artists during this time by purchasing experiences or products to give away to cheer someone up or yourself–we all need pampering at this time, I think. If you decide not to shop–find the fun free things, like my workshop Dec 12th or make something craftsy–making things with our hands is a soothing experience.

My tips:

HIonART the movie is a locally produced and filmed feature length film featuring established artists and is available streaming–it premieres Dec 5th.

FREE online Color Bridge workshop broadcast from Impact Hub Kaka’ako with the option to purchase a kit with all you need to paint along. Tickets available on eventbrite and the option to purchase the painting kit costs $30.

Popup Shop at Art at Marks Garage until December 22nd

Mission Houses Museum has a popup shop with Hawaiian handmade crafts

Nohea Gallery is open — has been the whole time and full of gifts.