Palama Kūpuna Art Program

The Palama Settlement art program for seniors started in 2018 with a grant to provide art classes in addition to existing programming. Studies show that activities that combat stress on the brain are effective at any age and art classes are ideal for this kind of stress reducing activity.

Beginning Watercolor and Ceramics were offered the first session and then, as interest and the skill level of the students progressed, an advanced watercolor class was formed to encourage continuous learning while holding a safe, open space for beginners dipping their toes (or brushes) into the water. The picture below is of the class of December 2019, of which two members have had their work accepted into juried Hawaii Watercolor Society shows to date. Many continue to paint and draw on their own for their own pleasure after taking classes at Palama creating gifts for family or an activity to do with their grandkids.

December 2018 Advanced Watercolor Class

If anyone can remember playing with water as a kid, this is the joy that is part of the process. I enjoy watching beginners develop their skills and unique style of expression. For some it is a period of great joy and personal time, others is it a nice diversion from their busy life, and still others, a new experience with fun time with others. I love watercolor and really enjoy teaching beginner classes because I have the chance to expose students to the beauty of gorgeous watercolor.

If you or you know anyone who might enjoy trying their hand at drawing or painting, encourage them to take a class. Drawing or painting or anything that requires observation and working with your hands can alleviate anxiety, boredom and keep the brain active which in turn affects mood and cognitive ability. My beginning classes are a combination of brain training, hand-eye coordination training, and starts from the belief that everyone is born with creative potential for self expression. Palama Settlement offers both online and in-person classes. I teach all levels, all ages, at community centers and privately. For more information about classes and schedules, contact Palama Settlement or myself at