Bezalel’s Calling ready to receive visitors

Bezalels Kallelse by Dawn Yoshimura
Bezalels Kallelse

Bezalel’s Calling is hung and ready for viewing at the Gallery on the Pali with the reception on Saturday March 3, from 6-8pm. It is my first solo show in Hawai’i and I was nervous about selecting the pieces and executing the concept itself. Luckily I had great support from framing and hanging and installation. Even if I have planned and done shows in the past, including solo shows, there is always so much planning and details to keep in mind so it all comes together.
What I am most happy about this show is that when I stood back yesterday afternoon after we were done, there was a lightness about the space and a presence that made my heart sing with joy. The sheer beauty of the places in its different moods comes through, and I hope, with the addition of the QR codes to add to the visitor’s experience who come to see the works, will give them a sense of the shifting emotions that each locale evokes.
‘Mokapu’…is a magical spot in Kaneohe Bay, it can be clear of rain while the rest of the town is enveloped in grey. Ulumau, where I painted ‘Return of the First Nations’ is similar on the other side of town, the microclimate lets me sit and paint while others are packing up their cars and heading for shelter. ‘Anchor’ and ‘Strong and Courageous’ is about how my whole insides swell with love, gratitude, and awe of the powerful presence of the mountains.
I created a webpage about the exhibition, but will be adding files of text, spoken word, imagery throughout the show that can be accessed at the show by using a QR code reader.Info about Bezalel’s Calling Show