Gott Nytt År!

New Year’s Eve

It’s well into 2023 and posters are up at various businesses inviting customers to come celebrate Chinese New Year starting Friday January 13th this year, the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit. There are so many traditions and ways to celebrate, we don’t have one we stick to, instead picking and choosing each year how we will mark the beginning of a new one together. One year it was booking ourselves into a seaside resort, in the middle of winter, in Sweden. Honestly, it was better than it sounds and remains one of my favorite New Year’s memories. This year, we watched illegal fireworks from our friends’ luxurious home up in the hills overlooking Diamond Head and South Shore playing cards and singing terrible karaoke. One thing is sure, 2023 is the year of post-pandemic and the new normal.

Some choose to continue to wear masks. Some have returned to Life Before COVID, and some have come to some new sort of Normal. I do find my priorities and interests have shifted a bit, but some things, like being awed by science and the stars have been rewarded with the Webb telescope images while others, like enjoying being older and the luxury of caring less about what others might think or want and focusing instead on what I feel is important and useful and meaningful in the long game of life brings a pleasant heaviness in the bones and relaxation of the neck and finger muscles.

My first things to share are in the Repaint, Repurpose, and Reconstruct show opening tomorrow, on Chinese New Year the Art at Marks’ Garage. There will be several pau hana receptions and events scheduled between then and the end of the show February 28th. For those interested in catching up or walking the show with me, send me a message and I would be happy to meet you at the gallery.

Best wishes to all for 2023!