Color Bridges Workshop at the HUB

ON April 21, 2019 I ran a interactive session to present my Color Bridges theory of harmonic color and how it can be created and used to enhance or lift our moods and environment. It was part of the public programming of the HUB, one of 10 locations around the city for installations.

I’ve been making Color Bridges for some time now. I realise many don’t really understand my fascination with them—making them, sharing them, etc. But I take comfort that other artists have their obsessions such as Yayoi Kusama, and it is better than an oxycon addiction. I love their visual music and the challenge and pleasure of conceiving and making them is for my personal satisfaction, but I also know from experience that they can help people so I continue to put it out there.

Color Bridges are based upon the idea that harmonic color creates a pleasing soothing vibration that we enjoy looking at, following, or even creating with watercolor–it is a meditation in of itself much as Buddhist monks copy sutras doing a focused almost mindless yet something meaningful tied to the result of the task is accomplished.

I hope to spread it to many more whether is it one I make for them or one they have made themselves in one of my workshops.