Color Bridges are guaranteed fun

I developed Color Bridges as a way to play with and learn about my tools and materials. Whenever I bought a new paint color, brush or paper, I spent time exploring it by painting abstracts and swatches. I also developed an intuitive calligraphic abstracts through meditation upon Japanese kanji and using a harmonic color palette that deliberately uses color to evoke and promote a sense of peace. I painted these for years for myself but in 2012, I shared it with a few family and friends and heard stories of how it brought them a sense of peace and calm.


Zensekai. To take in the whole world and make it your own. Color Bridge. Original watercolor by Dawn Yoshimura. Each Color Bridge starts with a meditation on the kanji as I consider how and why the Japanese developed this particular kanji until a story begins to form in my mind and then, I draw an intuitive line and then fill it with color by adding pairs of color in links or Color Bridges, stringing them together until the entire piece is complete.

Color Bridges has turned out to also be the best way to introduce watercolor to beginners because the designs are tested and have a positive intent in each design and meaning so as long as the student follows my color theory on how to create harmonious mixes they cannot fail to produce a beautiful original work of art.

I provide an all inclusive workshop experience where I provide and explain all materials–brush properties, basic brush techniques (Pull, Push, Drop), color theory with warm and cool colors, and individual paint time to complete an original watercolor.