HB19 Discussion Panel Wahi Pana: A Sense of Place march 11 4-6pm

March 11, 2019

Wahi Pana: Sense of Place will expand the eyes of kama’aina, kanaka ma’oli and malihini alike as they rediscover familiar locales through different eyes, learn new history, and nourish a sense of curiosity and respect for places not yet seen. Speakers: ‘Uncle Joe’ kanaka ma’oli from Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association and Dawn Yoshimura, Association of Hawai’i Artists member and kama’aina show designer of Wahi Pana: Sense of Place. This event is free, but RSVP is required. Guests may enter startingRead More

Wahi Pana: A Sense of Place

“Wahi Pana” means a pulse of a place and many understand it to mean a place of reknown or historied place such as the site of the birth of Kamehameha in Kohala. But I also believe a wahi pana can also be a place that creates the sense of belonging, especially if it is one that is tied to the place of your birth or where you feel a connection to as part of your ohana (family). I wrote aRead More