Matchbox Plus XIII- Last chance to see my work this year

Otsukimi-part of Hanafuda series. encaustic. 2.5×3.5in

Last show of the year for me!

I am honored and humbled to be included in Cedar Street Gallery’s Matchbox Plus XIII miniature show this year. There is SOO much good stuff and the the show is so well hung! For those of you who have designed and hung a show, you know the challenges, but to hang hundreds of pieces from diverse styles, themes, etc. I really am impressed with Michael Schenk’s eye and his staff’s dedication to making the reception and show a success.

I have 10 pieces in the show, encaustic, watercolor and ceramic sculpture. It is kind of a sampling in miniature form of what I am currently working on. The themes of nature, personality and sense of place. Revelation through observation of nature. God’s sense of humor.

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