Keale concert at Honolulu Hale

Friday June 24 2022 at Honolulu Hale 4-6pm

Kealeʻs latest album release 2022

Kānehūnāmoku: The Hidden Land of Kāne exhibit is on view at the Honolulu Hale, the Mayor of the City & County of Honolulu and City Councilʻs offices and chambers. Keale, released a new album this year, Hunakmoku with stories of family gatherings and memories. He generously offered to do a free concert and the event was a wonderful evening of meeting friends and relatives who have been separated by the pandemicʻs imposed isolation and also lifeʻs business where we lose contact with those we love.

The songs from the album are at times longing for contact, at times joyous at the anticipation of reunion, and at others languid reverie of evenings spent camping at Makua. I love this album of all of Kealeʻs because he was looking, listening, and walking these same sites Jan and I were photographing and painting. His songs are stories were vivid and a picture into his ʻohana and experiences and also, of parallel stories I have of growing up where we would gather and tell stories, listen to someone sing or play music, camping, etc.

Music and dance are art forms that can be personally expressive but also, more accessible to listeners of these stories, maybe more so than 2D artwork, which are intersections of time and space. Music can extend that intersecting point of connection because it needs four dimensions to express itself–height, width, depth in visual arts, music has the fourth dimension as an aspect of the beauty of the passing of time.

Kulaʻilaʻi beach aka Kaena State Park