HWS at HPR fundraising drive Sept 28 2-4pm

Spent two hours at Hawaii Public Radio’s Atherton Studio today with other volunteers from Hawaii Watercolor Society to help raise funding for the year. It was my second time and I didn’t feel as nervous about answering the phone, but it still makes you jump when the phones ring—so LOUD! I felt excited and proud to be able to help by just answering phones and filling out forms and the next time I listen to All Things Considered or my other favorite programs, I’ll feel like I helped putting it out there.

I wonder if others feel this way when they give of their resources to something they feel is worthy of support?

My mentor Karl Stucki used to always tell me that you always have something to give that will make a difference–it can be time or money or both–it doesn’t matter how much–but it matters that you find something you care about and give something.