Hurricane Harvey Relief response

The general coverage of this disaster has shown more moments of hope and the power of meeting with love difficult times. Many are sending donations in money and in kind to Texas, however, many are sending things, that, if they thought carefully for 1 minute, they would realize it is maybe not the right thing to send just now.

The general concept of love, includes, to love others as ourself–so think about what you would appreciate just now, when you have lost everything and don’t know when you will be back home, snug and safe. Dirty, holey underwear is not something I would appreciate as a ‘gift’ while sitting in a shelter. Nor would lacy lingerie. Ski gear, or surfing gear is also probably not a useful item just now.

There are sites such as FEMA and this one coordinating churches that list what is requested, ways to connect to volunteer in teams, monetary donations, etc.  You may decide not to volunteer any resources to this disaster, because you are already giving more than your share to others in need. Sustained commitment to demonstrate love gives precious encouragement, support and hope to those who are feeling low.  This disaster is a test of our conscience, because it will take time to truly rebuild the lives destroyed this past week.

Fukushima Japan is still struggling, but I remember one Japanese’ response when I asked how can people help? He said economic support in the form of finding ways to buy from the distressed regions, such as Kumamoto after the earthquake–to buy tea from that area, jeans from the towns in the Fukushima area, and now, we have Texas. I think beyond the initial purchases, we can support communities by buying locally made products when we travel or in places that touch our heart.

Buy local crafts, art, home decorating textiles. Buy and enjoy local fruits, cookies, delicacies. Many people talk about fighting capitalism, but I think using your money to support people is a better way to think about spending. There is little need to buy luxury fashion items when you can buy all you need from artisans in communities you want to support.