Hauʻoli makahiki hou

Kapu at Ohikilolo Ranch, transparent watercolor 18x24inches. Copyright 2021 Dawn Yoshimura.

A new year and trying to make sense of the past year while remaining hopeful for the new. I made a promise to myself early on last year NOT to give any glory or power to COVID19 so I didnʻt write much about it, didnʻt draw it, didnʻt look at ʻartʻ about it.

Everyone has their way of coping, some want to face their fears and conquer it, others flee. But also reflecting now, on last yearʻs start, it looked promising: I was scheduled to have a show hang at the State of Hawaiʻi Administration entry, at Honolulu Hale, at Kapolei Hale, and other shows. But it all disappeared overnight and instead, I was forced to stop golfing, walking, painting out on site, and worst of all, not travel and be reunited with my husband, Anders. The wonderful news is that he has gotten his approval for his green card to join me in Hawaiʻi after a three year wait.

At this time of year, before COVID it was traditional to make promises and plans for yourself but if this pandemic has taught me a lesson at all it is that we cannot make plans for the future–we are not in control of the world or even life itself.

I am instead of looking forward, I find myself looking back: and feeling profoundly grateful: my family is together and healthy. My social network is stronger even though we donʻt go out and DO things as much as before. My walk with my Lord and Savior has deepened and I am content. Content for me, however doesnʻt mean I am satisfied with remaining where I am or think I am retired from life–it just means COVID has helped me recalibrate time and how I flow in it. Less time spent in the past or thinking about the future and more about what is the next best right thing to do now and with who.