AHA sponsors “How To Prep for Art Competitions” seminar

It’s a pity when good intentions doesn’t carry the day.

Many art events and organizations review work online nowadays so it is becoming a neccessary part of an artist’s toolbox to know how to prepare files to submit of your work. This seminar will cover best practices in preparing to submit your artwork for a show. Association of Hawaii Artists (AHA) is the oldest art organisation in Hawaii and offers exhibition opportunities for its members in juried shows twice a year. This seminar is to help the volunteers who put on shows as well as the artists submitting.

“It is a pity if someone has worked so hard and their work doesn’t get selected because of a bad photo or they can’t get the file to us in proper format”, says AHA President Linda Umstead.

I will be leading this seminar and demonstrating how to take a photo, and perform the most common adjustments needed to prepare a file. If you have a piece and a phone and laptop, bring it to the session so you can follow along. Time allowing, we can share with each other tips on framing, packaging, etc.

To sign up for this seminar go to eventbrite. A suggested donation of $5-10 dollars will be collected to help cover costs.