The new year has started, whether you were ready for it or not. This cartoon by Yao Xiao, author of graphic novel Everything is Beautiful and Iʻm Not Afraid. I am a bit behind, as usual, I am going to celebrate the Chinese New Year next week and count it as the start of my 2022.

Time passed by in spurts and blurry moments and I was quite surprised that 2021 was over. I suppose it is because part of me was so busy creating and recreating new routines to match up to the latest tiers of COVID rules in Hawaii and a long respite in Sweden during the summer, free from masks and politics. I am very much happy and looking forward to 2022 and upcoming projects.

I pray for everyone that we can be authentic and develop our gentle selves and spread and share a little light and warmth and infect each other with laughter and love.