Multidimensional work

Dawn Yoshimura. mixed media. 7 sisters

It is our quiet time. ‘7 Sisters’ Mixed Media. Copyright Dawn Yoshimura. 2017.

I experiment, play and work with various materials and methods. Working with clay and paper, which are both composed of mostly water in its natural, unformed state, it is amazingly responsive to the human touch.

This Scroll series is exploring the combination of natural materials gathered as I walk in my favorite spots.

‘7 Sisters’ is my fantasy of walking in the moonlight along the Hawaii Loa Ridge with its windswept ohia and koa and the stars overhead. The constellation Seven Sisters, Pleiades, or Maka Ali’i it is a companion known to mankind for millennia. The Taos people used to mark their period of silence during winter for reflection, which was the spark of inspiration for this dream of mine.

Color Bridge: Sanka or Participate! This Color Bridge Scroll incorporates elements to suggest collaboration and engagement. It uses bamboo, mulberry paper and porcelain with twisted paper twine painted with watermedia and encaustic pigments.