Color Bridges

Chuushin_CenterOfFocus by Dawn Yoshimura


Color Bridges are an intuitive way to try and experience new thoughts and ideas through creative painting. They are the result of a multi-step process that incorporates design with intention and harmonious color to lift your mood and spirits. I have worked on this method and process over a period of years and trial and error to create this series.

Color Bridges work because they are built upon three principles: harmonious color theory, content as value, and mindfulness with pure intent.

When I design and create a Color Bridge, the resulting painting is a unique work of art. If you’ve taken one of my workshops, when you use my designs and follow my color principles for blending, you will create your own unique Color Bridge, a sister or brother to my┬áColor Bridge series,┬ábecause it is built upon the DNA of the original design. It is my dream that Color Bridges fill homes to help create a warm supportive environment.