Watercolour landscapes are painted ‘en plein air’, on site, so they tend to be a bit smaller because I need to carry everything in and out and work fast with the available light.

My studio pieces are based on observations of nature and organic forms.  They are created using a variety of media such as casein, oil, encaustic, monoprints, mixed media and of course, watercolor using layers as a literal and metaphor for exploring and expressing my multicultural heritage.

Encaustic is an ancient technique using wax that is very spontaneous and gives beautiful clear color. It responds similarly to watercolour in the way I paint with a heated palette and soft brushes, using a hand torch to seal layers and blend on the support.  It is more patient and forgiving than watercolour because I can scrape and melt off and build new layers and textures. I also use cold wax medium in my oils and mixed watermedia to build up the surface and add textural qualities